Friday, October 21, 2005


First Order Dispatched on Friday, October 21, 2005

Types of Tents: Our first order of 18 tents (costing PKR. 3500 each/approximately USD $58) consisted of single-ply, canvas material tentsl. Although we would have strongly preferred a more durable make, resources were limited especially at the time of our first order and due to shortage of time and an immediate need, we placed our order.

Recipients of Tents: Our order of 18 tents was distributed in two areas. The geographical areas were decided upon in response to individuals from these areas requesting tents from us.

1) Villages in Battagram: We dispatched 8 tents through locals hailing from eight different villages in the Battagram area. These eight individuals are part of the lower administrative staff at Ernest & Young, where one of our Pakistan coordinators - Nasir Ahmed, works.

We share Niaz’s story – a survivor from the village of Elahi, which had an original population of 300, but experienced an estimated 100 deaths in the earthquake. Most of the houses in the villages are made of mud and could not withstand the quake – what is left now are a few standing structures, which the villages are afraid to enter, and flattened houses.

Niaz explained that at the time of our donation, there has been no government aid in the village he is from. Choppers once air dropped food, however it was dropped from such a height that all the containers broke upon contact with the ground. Although we have given single-ply tents in this higher-plain area, the desperation is such that Niaz was very happy with the tents and conveys his thanks to our donors who made this shelter available to him and his family.

2) Omar Asghar Foundation: An organization that is an off-shoot of the SUNGI Foundation and has been conducting relief work in the affected areas. The ten tents that were given to Omar Asghar Foundation are currently in transit, and will be delivered upon discretion of the organization to families in the Abbotabad area within the next day or so.

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